November 20, 2014, new guest columnist M.K. DAVIS plus guests ANTHONY RAYSON, LARRY PINKNEY, and PHIL FARRUGGIO

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M. K. Davis

Our new columnist M.K. Davis offered up his opinions and analysis on the Zapruder film and other data about the JFK assassination on this evening very close to the anniversary of that event.


Anthony Rayson

Anthony presented work from Brian Lee Rowe on the Ferguson situation.


It’s the Empire, Stupid with Phil Farrugio

In this new segment our regular columnist Phil Farruggio presents his thoughts on a different topic every week.


Larry Pinkney

Larry talked about the militarization of police, which he feels is the primary cause of violence in Ferguson and elsewhere. It’s NOT the race thing, even though the mass media want you to think that.


Chuck Gregory and Mike Palecek

I opened with We Shall Overcome, and then discussed the change in tactics by Mayor Jack Seiler in the face of global opposition to the homeless feeding ban. He’s now trying the pr card, and even the Big Lie.

Mike and I did several segments including:

  • Fun Facts by Paul Blart, (Mall Cop)
  • “Ish” ,the New Reality Show, premiering in January on NBC, where contestants will be abandoned on a secluded island with only one fishing line …
  • “Dumb & Dumber, You Two”
  • Postcards From Prison
  • Occupy Dealey Plaza
  • Selections from the Target & Walmart Leonard Peltier, Ward Churchill, Geronimo, Sitting Bull, Russell Means, Dennis Banks Thanksgiving Holiday Card Collection, “Custer Died For Your Sins”
  • A review of today’s news from the eye of the hurricane and the blizzard …
  • “A Message In A Boone’s Farm Bottle,” some notes we have been receiving from listeners … by email, chat room, telephone, telepathy and telegraph
  • The News from Mount Liberty, with more from Sweat … Global Warming … in a small town