July 17, 2014, guests Phil Farruggio, Anthony Rayson, Larry Pinkney

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Phil Farruggio

Phil discussed politics and predators with Chuck and Mike.


Anthony Rayson

Anthony lamented the impending death of Ali Khalid Abdullah, a prisoner suffering from cancer in New Jersy. He prerecorded this in a call with me and We’ve published the entire call here.


Larry Pinkney

Larry exhorted us to fight back against oppression by getting involved. Start with two or three friends, get them to talk with two or three friends each…the numbers don’t take long to grow.


Chuck Gregory and Mike Palecek

I opened with “A Change is Gonna Come, and Mike and I did some great bits including:

  • The New American Dream Total Nonsense Medal
  • John Jones, A Real Reporter
  • Nebraska Ink: Amelia Earhart, Tattoo Artist Of The Heartland
  • FBI files of James Tracy, Kevin Barrett, Jim Fetzer
  • Dick Tracy Crime Stopper’s Bulletin
  • And Now For Some Good News
  • Operation Gold Finger-Gold Finch … Night Flight To Grundy Center
  • The mind of an American rules the world
  • Waterboarding Ruth Paine
  • Notes we have been receiving during the first half of our show from listeners … by email, chat room, cellphone, telepathy and telegraph
  • The News from Mount Liberty, as Charlie Johnson waits to be taken for “testing”