Welcome to The New American Dream Radio Show! We’re live every Thursday at  6 pm Eastern Time. It’s an Internet Radio Show; you won’t find it by searching the airwaves with your transistor radio that you got for Christmas back in 1957. I think that’s when I got mine… But that just won’t work for our show. Sorry.

We have made it really really easy though! Here’s a player at the bottom of the page that streams live from Studio B, Revolution Radio at freedomslips.com:

Revolution Radio Studio B Player

Remember, our show is Thursday from 6 to 8 pm, Eastern time. At any other time this player will give you whatever they have on at Revolution Radio.


Our shows are archived on this site. “The Shows” will get you to a series of posts that has all the shows; they can also be found by year, in the menu at top left. We are in the process of updating our website, and the archives from our BlogTalkRadio shows aren’t loaded here yet but they will be on the new site soon.

You can also find our Revolution Radio shows by visiting youtube and searching for New American Dream with Chuck.

We thank you for visiting us and hope you will come back often.

  • http://texasgang.com Bill Blackolive

    Mike, looks real. Probably I will have to catch it later on the net. Guess this will be available on net?
    Thursday Kelly comes in with general bedlam, dogs, Lyla.
    Either event, this looks fantastical.

    • cwg

      Thanks, Bill Blackolive, for our very first site comment! Yes we will have archives of the shows. We are looking forward to this!

  • http://NotesFromaWaveringPlanet David Plumb

    What is the Radio Number? FM? AM?

    Thank you

    Can I get it in Florida?

    • cwg

      It’s Internet Radio. Just click the live feed link when it’s time for the show.

  • Txgang

    Sorry to be stone age but i still cannot find how to with normal radio ear the show.

  • Williammount

    Good Morning

    There are 286,000,000 hits on my name and our TV show reaches out to 21,000,000 people. My goal is to promote Freedom, to stop needless wars, to bring back our constitution and make the US bow to the USA

    This is my country and here I stand for freedom.

    I am doing 2 TV shows next week and a radion show – I do not charge – I am a retired Captain and do not want the money. I want my country back.

    If you want me to be honored n but – be careful – I have FULL Diplomatic Immunity and will speak the truth regardless of the consequences.

    Honorable Grace
    Dr William B. Mount
    Knight of Malta
    Cpt (Ret) USA

  • SayNO2GMO
  • SayNO2GMO
  • Roy Applegate

    Listened for the first time last night. This thing’s going to be all right–going to be just fine.

  • Lfalour

    It won’t play in France, and I wanted to hear Bill. Best to you!

    • cwg

      This from Chuck Gregory: I wasn’t able to do my part last night, and it turns out that Mike had all sorts of technical difficulties in my absence–so we are hoping to get Bill back next week. Please help us figure out why you couldn’t hear it in France, so you can join us then!

  • VolodyA! V Anarhist

    Doesn’t play here

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000293330575 Chris Cook

    No hearie in Canada today (June 30, 2011) Happy Fourth Muricans’! Blow summfin’ up fer Jebus

  • Thomas

    In your radio show archives, I recommend you state the topic as well as the guests.

    Unless I know the topic of a past show, how can I know if I’d be interested in downloading and listening to it?

  • Tiggersean

    Don’t see the listenlive button

  • Carl Caswell

    A court case for political freedom join us in our battle for liberty a political group for political freedom for the drug culture we have a court case

    (Plaintiff, )

    ) Civil Action No.

    ) 11-cv-11387-GAO

    v. )
    DRUG ENFORCEMENT ADMINISTRATION ) Formerly Essex Superior Court

    ) Civil Action.

    Defendant. ) No. 2011 – 1326

    The Plaintiff states the drugs laws has not stop the freedom of use of drugs That the drug laws gave crime control over the use of drugs. Their for causing a lot of the abuse and death from un safe use. That their such a large number of people who want and take the liberty to use drugs. It makes the people a culture and the drugs laws was made with out their being represent. And move this court for a conference to settle this matter . We would like to know if you want to unite in our battle for our rights and freedom

    • Norma

      If you knew how to spell I might take this seriously.

      • Melthore

        Yes they did not do themselves any favors!

  • Chookeh45

    Where is the “listen live” link? I can’t find it.

    • cwg

      Please look for the link only on Thursday nights! The rest of the time you can only listen to recordings of our existing shows…We broadcast every Thursday at 745 pm Eastern time.

  • Chookeh45

    Is Sherwood Ross going to be on today?

    • cwg

      Sherwood was on last night (9/1) and the archive will be available shortly!

  • Dolores Curry

    Have heard that Sherwood Ross is a sometimes guest.  I thought it was on a Thursday night…cannot find him.  Any suggestions?

    • Anonymous

      Sherwood’s column runs on the first show of every month, i.e. the first Thursday of each month. If you browse the shows via the fullshowlist page you will see the names of guests.

      Would you be interesting in purchasing a cd with all Sherwood’s columns? We’re considering the compilation of such colloections, and want to know if there is listener interest. There would be a nominal fee, just enough to cover some expenses.

  • J.

    George Carlin: “…for the American Dream you have to sleep to believe it”

  • http://www.digitalmindfulness.com emberAZ

    This sounds really good.  I’ll listen to it.